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Hi, I’m Bec- one of your friendly neighbourhood SYN Media Bloggers at #CBAA2012 and serial SYNner. I have a bunch of current roles at SYN including the position of Content Development Coordinator, EP of SYN’s flagship comedy program In Joke, assistant and audio tech for SYN’s Screen and Sound Production services, and frequent volunteer on SYN’s airwaves and screens. From my beginnings hosting both radio programs and  SYN’s old breakfast television program Get Cereal TV at the tender age of eighteen, I’ve loved every second of my involvement with community media and all the amazing opportunities that it has given me. I’m really excited to jump head first into covering this year’s #CBAA2012 and rub shoulders with all the people involved in allowing the community to have its voice in the media landscape.

You can follow me at the conference at @becness or from a polite distance.