When you’re late to a workshop waiting for the lift…

…and you decide to take the stairs instead.

When you’re trying to connect to the Rydges wifi network and there is an IP conflict

When someone asks if you stole their seat between plenaries

When they bring out the snacks for morning tea…

….and there are a bunch of delicious options…

…and you go to grab one or two things to eat

When someone goes to ask a question and instead does a plug for their station

How you feel when you ask a really great question at a plennary

When someone mentions AMRAP and DRP’s lack of funding and you get sad all over again

When you start to relax during the break and then realise you’re supposed to be at a workshop.

When someone has never heard of your station before

How people are going to feel tonight at the awards when they win

How many of us will feel until it’s open to the floor at the AGM: