Treasures of the Deep Blue Internet was held in the media lab on Friday. The session covered a range of online tools using an online ‘treasure hunt’ with quiz questions as a framework. The session covered the following tools:

Crowdfunding – looked at Pozible and also resources created by the Australia Council for the Arts, The Crowdfunding Roadshow. Crowdfunding is a very effective way of raising funds for targeted outcomes, a crowd funding project could form the backbone of a supporter drive or used as stand alone funding drive.

Team Viewer – remote access software that allows any computer to access and control another computer. Don’t feel like going all the way to your station 3am to sort out your play out system Team Viewer is a very easy to use alternative. Dan Callaghan from Community Radio Network showed us a demo.

Online Booking System – had a look at Skid Row based project Lion Mountain Studio (check out the Schweppes TV Ad while you are there!) uses this so that participants can book training sessions online with minimal staffing or management needed. You can see the booking system here. This could be used to great effect so that station volunteers can book studios with out relying on station staff.

Wufoo Forms – Danny Chifley from the CBAA gave us a quick tour of Wufoo. He uses this online form system for conference registration and the CBAA has used it in the past to gather information from stations. A station could also use this for supporter / subscriber registration, listener surveys etc.

Design Crowd Sourcing – Thanks to Alan Clement from Southern FM for letting us know about 99 Designs, Alan explains; “In short, we used a site called 99 Designs.  We submitted a brief for a new station logo and selected a price point ($US 495).  We then received submissions from 29 different designers.  From there we eliminated those we didn’t like.  Gave feedback on others we did like, and received refinements.  In the end we picked the one we liked best and then worked with the designer to make a few adjustments until we were happy.  They then received the cash and we received the logo in multiple file formats. The process was a huge success, and an easy way to get a wide variety of designs you couldn’t hope to get by engaging a single designer.”

Drop Box – Lots of people at the session are already using Dropbox. Some of the uses include; maintaining an automated cloud based back up of essential files and documents, send large files (with out using ugly, advertisement base file sending sites), have access to files from anywhere and from mobile devices etc. Everyone agreed that it is a very useful tool.

Other Tools – Participants threw their hats in the ring with some other very useful tools;

Brown Bear Calendar System handy online calendar useful for planning outside broadcasts and other station events.

Sales Force
 online database system useful for tracking contacts, subscribers, mass emailing etc.