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How was everyone’s first day at #CBAA2012? We speak to Matt Nock, Chris Jameson and Kyle Minall from JOY FM and Bec Petraitis from SYN.


After the today’s final plenary, Turn Up Your Radio, Chris Johnson spoke to us briefly about the importance of AMRAP for youthful artists.

This workshop is based around how digital online can help your radio station with raising funds. Presented by Michelle Brown (4ZZZZ), Miki Padavan (4ZZZZ) and Prarthana Holburn (PHPDigital), the workshop is based around community engagement and participation.

Whether it is a marketing or fundraising plan, Brown gives the following tips:

  • Pinpoint key areas that need focus an attention
  • Highlight strategic areas of strength and vulnerability
  • Priorities needs over wants
  • Know the product
  • Know the audience

Brown presents the following case study of the “Ask Richard” campaign that saved Sydney-based radio station, FBi 94.5FM.

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National Listener Survey

Matt Balogh opened our second plenary with some startling statistics conducted by McNair Ingenuity Research. Balogh had only half an hour to present, explain and justify the results of The National Listener Survey that outlined the nation’s listening behaviours and engagement.

The study can be found here.

But for those of you afraid of hyperlinks or suffering from lazy apathy (reading surveys is hard), I’ve sifted through the material and decided to post the most interesting statistics for your convenience.

How many people are listening?
4,446,000 people listen to community radio every week (that’s up to 25% of population)
10,611,000 people are occasional listeners to community radio (that’s, like, over double 4,446,000)

Why are they listening?
The number one reason for community radio’s survival is to hear local information and local news. The second is to support and listen to local artists and bands, and Australian artists.

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Greetings, I’m Michael. Perhaps the least seasoned in community broadcasting, my aim as SYN Media #CBAA2012 blogger is to report in the most basic-to-understand way for your convenience. If you’re a little iffy on the whole #CBAA2012 thing, then stress less: because I’m the one that has to pretend I’m not, and then tell you about it. How did I get this role? I’m a bit of a con artist. I’ve also conned others into giving me a producer role of SYN’s Get Cereal, and more recently, executive producer of The Naughty Rude Show.

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