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How was everyone’s first day at #CBAA2012? We speak to Matt Nock, Chris Jameson and Kyle Minall from JOY FM and Bec Petraitis from SYN.


After the today’s final plenary, Turn Up Your Radio, Chris Johnson spoke to us briefly about the importance of AMRAP for youthful artists.

The CBAA 2012 Conference: Access All Areas has kicked off with a bang! The SYN bloggers– or “kids” as a representative from North West FM called us – commandeered a table up the back, close to the all-important powerpoints. Greens MP Adam Bandt gave the opening address, mentioning the strength of community radio in Melbourne and how nice it was to be in a room full of community radio enthusiasts (hear hear!). Although he normally sits on the other side of the desk now, Bandt reminded us that he was once operating the panel at 3CR. Voicing the opinions of many in the room, Bandt stressed that community radio plays a vital role in the Australian media landscape, making our society more inclusive and bringing local issues to fore. At 9.19am, Bandt was the first to say that community radio runs on the smell of an oily rag, a cliche that is unfortunately all too true.

Wurundjeri Elder, Uncle Bill Nicholson was running a little late, but when he arrived, he gave a great welcome to country, speaking of the importance of language, cross-cultural communication and storytelling.

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Adam Bandt – CBAA 2012 Opening

Audio recording of Adam Bandt’s full opening of the CBAA Conference 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.
Recorded on-site by the LiveSYN team – 16th November 2012.

Greetings, I’m Michael. Perhaps the least seasoned in community broadcasting, my aim as SYN Media #CBAA2012 blogger is to report in the most basic-to-understand way for your convenience. If you’re a little iffy on the whole #CBAA2012 thing, then stress less: because I’m the one that has to pretend I’m not, and then tell you about it. How did I get this role? I’m a bit of a con artist. I’ve also conned others into giving me a producer role of SYN’s Get Cereal, and more recently, executive producer of The Naughty Rude Show.

My hobbies include holding puppies, tweeting on @michaelgkean and listing things in threes.

Hey there, I’m Georgia, radiophile and community radio fiend. Since starting at SYN in 2007, I’ve presented and produced numerous music shows,  been Executive Producer of Arts Mitten, SYN’s flagship arts and culture radio program, and a trainer with SYN’s Education and Training Department. After studying radio documentary at the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies in the United States, I returned home to do Honours in History at Monash University, and now work here and there at ABC Radio National. I’m currently the presenter of All the Best, the award-winning radio storytelling program produced by FBi Radio Sydney in association with SYN, as well as being a member of SYN’s Board of Directors.

You can follow me at the conference at @GeorgiaMoodie.

bec profile pic

Hi, I’m Bec- one of your friendly neighbourhood SYN Media Bloggers at #CBAA2012 and serial SYNner. I have a bunch of current roles at SYN including the position of Content Development Coordinator, EP of SYN’s flagship comedy program In Joke, assistant and audio tech for SYN’s Screen and Sound Production services, and frequent volunteer on SYN’s airwaves and screens. From my beginnings hosting both radio programs and  SYN’s old breakfast television program Get Cereal TV at the tender age of eighteen, I’ve loved every second of my involvement with community media and all the amazing opportunities that it has given me. I’m really excited to jump head first into covering this year’s #CBAA2012 and rub shoulders with all the people involved in allowing the community to have its voice in the media landscape.

You can follow me at the conference at @becness or from a polite distance.

SYN Media will be providing extensive coverage of the main plenaries and panels at #CBAA2012. Follow @LiveSYN and @_CBX_ for the latest and the hashtag #CBAA2012 on Twitter.

Here are some of the key moments to follow and join the conversation online:

Friday November 16

9:00am-10:30am EST – Welcome and keynote address

The big opener for #CBAA2012 is presented from Greens MP Adam Bandt and shareholder activist Stephen Mayne. Adam Bandt has been a long time supporter of community media in his role as Federal MP and Stephen Mayne is known as the founder of Crikey and a long standing business journalist, publisher and activist. How will Adam and Stephen interpret the theme of “Access All Areas”? Follow along at #CBAA2012 from 9am Friday.

11:00am-12:30pm EST – Content, Development and Making Media

We’ll hear the latest community radio listening figures from MacNair Ingenuity‘s Matt Balogh and we’ll host a panel discussion looking at the role of community radio and what makes it work. Where does community radio fit in the converging media environment? How does community media reflect community interests and attitudes? What makes it unique? How might “content development” be defined? Join us in discussing these questions at #CBAA2012 on Twitter.

4:00pm-5:30pm EST – Turn Up Your Radio

APRA Ambassador Rebecca Barnard will talk about the role of community radio and Australian music and we’ll have a panel discussion about the role of radio in “music discovery” and changes in music production, distribution and consumption. What role does Community Radio play in profiling and supporting Australian music? Do we still need radio quotas? Who are the “taste makers” in the 21st century? Join us in discussing these questions at #CBAA2012 on Twitter.

Saturday November 17

9:00am-11:00am EST – Building Capacity

Senator Scott Ludlam is the Australian Greens Spokesperson for Communications and is another long time supporter of community media. He’ll share his spin on “Access All Areas” and we’ll also have a panel discussion about sector development issues and resources including national projects. What are the critical areas for sector development in the current media environment? What’s the role of national infrastructure for local broadcasters? How do we use scarce resources to support the development and profile of Community Broadcasting? Join us in discussing these questions at #CBAA2012 on Twitter.

7:00pm EST onwards – The Voxies

Community Broadcasting’s Gala Awards dinner. We’ll tweet the winners and big moments across the night at #CBAA2012 on Twitter.

Sunday November 18

9:30am-11:00am EST – The Breakfast Session with Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is known to many Melburnians for his 6 year stint on RRR’s Breakfasters. He’ll help wrap up proceedings and lead us into the final plenary and business of “Access All Areas”. Follow at #CBAA2012 on Twitter.

ImageHi, I’m Mike – SYN Media Blogger at #CBAA2012 and one of the two Exec Producers of SYN’s 1700. I’ve only been involved in Community Broadcasting since early last year at SYN, but I’ve made a lot of radio & TV in that time! Community Broadcasting for me is all about giving incredible opportunities to those interested in media, and getting that crucial experience and knowledge needed to work in the industry. I can’t wait to cover the conference and chat to other broadcasters!

If you like BBC quiz shows and hate writing bio’s, I think we’ll get along just fine.

You can follow me at @micodonoghue, or check out some of my interviews here.

Hi, I’m JB – The Education and Training Manager at SYN Media, a current board member of the CBAA and the leader of the SYNBloggers at #CBAA2012. I’ve been involved in Community Broadcasting since I was 17 years old and have volunteered for Radio Adelaide, Edge Radio, 3CR and SYN in that time. I absolutely love Community Broadcasting. I think it’s a vital voice for under represented communities and a reflection of a how beautiful and diverse Australia is. I’m looking forward to #CBAA2012 as the conference is always a great opportunity to meet other broadcasters and hear about the great work they’re doing for their communities.

You can follow me at @JB_AU during the conference – Come say hi!