Radio broadcaster Kit Harvey shares some of the knowledge he’s gained while volunteering with SYN.

Presenting on SYN Radio has been an invaluable way for me to hone my craft as a presenter and content producer. That said, community radio is not simply a training ground for the more commercially minded among us. It is an essential part of Australia’s media landscape that increases and diversifies the voices available to media consumers.

On a personal level, community radio has given me the opportunity to share my own ideas and opinions, regardless of how light-hearted or tongue-in-cheek they may be. There’s something special about that.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure where I’d be without community radio.

In fact, scratch that, I’m not sure where we’d be without community radio.

Kit Harvey has presented and produced various SYN programs over the past three years. Currently he is a co-host of SYN’s seasonal program, “The Advice Line”.