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SYN Alumni and former Vice-President Ellie Cameron-Krepp explains why Community Radio’s future is worth saving.


I thought I sounded like a bit of a wanker the first time I said I had 8 years of media industry experience in a cover letter. But, surprisingly, it’s true, and I’ve got SYN Media and community radio to thank for that.

As a 22 year old recent Media graduate, I’m fresh on the job hunt in an industry full of unpaid internships and a severe lack of entry level job opportunities. It sure seems disheartening at times, but I’m not too worried. Not yet. You see, working in community radio has set me up perfectly.

Thanks to SYN, I’ve had the opportunity to take on roles such as radio presenter, executive producer, trainer, interviewer, segment contributor, youth manager and even vice-president! Pretty snazzy resume for a 22 year old, hey?

Most of all though, SYN has just given me a beautiful family with which to share my passion for making media. There are very few organisations out there that provide open access for young people to produce their own media content, which puts SYN at the forefront of the industry for accessibility, and brings diversity to the Australian media landscape.

Considering the life changing experiences I’ve had volunteering at SYN Media, I couldn’t think of anything worse than the loss of digital radio and the consequences of that on a station like ours. We’ve been a breeding ground for so many of this country’s media makers, a place where young people have a voice, and an encouraging community for the thousands of vibrant volunteers who have passed through SYN’s doors.

Supporting a digital radio future is sticking up for the creators and consumers of community media who are at risk of losing the heart and soul of Australian broadcasting if stations are forced to go off-air.

But all hope is not lost- In order for other young Australians to be given the opportunities I have, we’re calling on everyone who cares about the issue to take action and join the campaign. It’s simple. Commit to Community Radio!


Madeline Smedley shares the importance of Community Radio to her personally and to society in general.

Since I started at SYN I’ve not only learnt important skills that will help me in my professional future, I’ve also been able to better understand my community and participate in it. Through contributing and listening to SYN, I’ve become a more active member of the Melbourne cultural scene and have begun to feel like a real Melbournian.  I’ve also made friends whom I’m able to work with on projects that we all enjoy, and that are useful and of worth to more than just ourselves. Most of all, SYN and its members have helped me understand what I want from the future, who I am and who I’d like to be.

If SYN were left behind commercial stations, not only would it suck for the members who would be at a loss without the opportunities to learn, improve their skills and explore their options without risk, but the listeners would be without a valuable resource. SYN serves the community in ways other media cannot. A legitimate, local and focused organisation like this is made by the community, for the community, and remains one of the last vestiges of true, impartial, free communication.


Madeline Smedley currently hosts Get Cereal on Thursday mornings, 6-9am on SYN. 

‘Excellence in Community Participation’

Nambucca Valley Radio 2NVR


‘Outstanding Volunteer Contribution’  

Michael Smith (3CR)


‘Best Digital Media Initiative’

Radio on Demand (3RRR)

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